Been a few busy months, so I’ve not had chance to update my status.

The past few months have taken me to Luton, Watford, Sheffield, Taunton, Tingley, Peterborough to name a few.

Quite a few miles (9 thousand since December) have been racked up.

I’m loving the travel, and the opportunities my freelance work is providing me.


I’ve been focusing on building my Facebook presence, and it’s starting to come along really well.


I’m constantly updating my website. I now include a new list of the new courses I now provide, as I’m now a registered instructor with Nuco. I’m really proud of this achievement. I’m working towards First Aid Trainer Assessor status with the RLSS. Watch this space.


My application to become an RLSS Mentor is now in, I’m just waiting to hear that my application has been successful, then a telephone interview to check my knowledge.

I’ll sign off there. Hope you have kept safe over the past few days.

Hello from Hamish, hope you guys are well 🙂

I love hearing from people, get in touch :)

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