When I decided to change my career direction I was contacted by Swim England who asked if they could write an article about me. I’ve put a few quotes from this article:

“Garry began his journey in February 2018 with a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification course at Kirklees in West Yorkshire, and opted to build on that in July with the Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification.


Well, in the article I said “I see swimming assistants posting on the Swimming Qualifications (Swim England) Facebook group asking whether they should make the step up and take their Level 2 qualification. I would say ‘just do it’. I did and it has changed my life.” I continue to believe this. If you are in doubt, trust yourself, but more importantly do it!!

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I look forward to hearing from you, perhaps I will meet up with some of you on my courses. 

Career change adds up for swimming teacher Garry


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