A New Approved Centre is announced:

ProTrainings Approved Centre #92060

It’s been a busy few months, and I’ve been working towards my next career goal and I’m stoked to say that I have achieved it 🙂

I’m happy to announce that I am now an Approved Training Centre through ProTrainings.

Therefore you can now take your First Aid at Work qualifications online through blended learning (part online, part face to face – I’ll come to that later).

As well as being able to take courses online, thus reducing your contact time at my training centre, you can also receive a discount by quoting my discount code UK-VEUGBK

Through the pandemic, as training providers, we moved our learning through online e-learning.  We enjoyed learning that way, and it’s now become normal process to be able to undertake courses online.

There are many benefits to taking online training through ProTrainings, but I really like the fact that you have 8 months of access to the training videos.

So this e-learning will align to your personal and work commitments; study at your own pace.

Face to face courses can be hard on a candidate, as a lot of knowledge has to be learned at a rapid pace.

Therefore, for more information and to book your online course, go visit https://gjhtrainingservices.co.uk/first-aid-blended-learning/

As soon as you have taken the online course, I can then book you into a skill evaluation session by visiting https://gjhtrainingservices.co.uk/first-aid-skills-evaluation-session/ so you get your complete regulated qualification.

I look forward to welcoming you onto my upcoming skills evaluation session (you need to have completed a ProTrainings qualification to follow this route, or contact me to discuss your requirements)

Keep well 🙂

I love hearing from people, get in touch :)

First Aid Blended Learning

As an Approved Centre (#92060) for ProTrainings I am able to offer you a way to obtain the first part of your First Aid qualifications through online study.

Four Easy Steps, One Exceptional Training


       1) Purchase the training


       2) Pass the test


       3) Print your certificate

Click the link below to be referred to the ProTrainings Online Course.  At the checkout use the code UK-VEUGBK for a discount.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) is here:

Learn the Essentials of First Aid for Your Workplace and prepare yourself to deal with Workplace Emergencies.


Good luck!

If you’ve completed your course, then now arrange your Skills Evaluation Test (Blended part two)


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