I have a passion; it makes me tick.  It’s where I get a buzz.  An excitement.  An enjoyment.  That tingle in the belly. Knowing that I can empower people to save lives.

I haven’t always been a trainer assessor.  In fact, I changed career 5 years ago from being a key player in the finance department for a very successful business.

I’ve always had an enjoyment for swimming, from my youth in club environments, to an adult in the open water forum.

A change in the health of my Mum set in motion a decision that has now changed my life.

“Why not try and get the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification” my wife said to me after swimming 100 lengths of the pool;

“You won’t be guaranteed a job” the site manager said (Carl Fenwick, Sowerby Bridge).

Tick, thank you, passed the course through grit and dogged determination.

Then swimming teacher opportunities came up.

Tick, tick, further career progression.

It would be so nice if you could share a part of that journey with me.

I love hearing from people, get in touch :)

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